Human Capital Advisory Services

Westminster's Human Capital Advisory Services is designed to assist organizations in addressing and solving business issues around human capital, regulatory and organizational risk, process enhancement, and employee development. Our goal is to provide human resources and finance professionals with advice and guidance necessary to help their organizations meet their mission and vision. Our services are customized to fit an organization's needs, budgets, and scope.

Overview of Services


Certified professional coaching at all levels of the organization.


Design and delivery of enterprise-wide mentoring programs.

Teambuilding & Team Development Workshops

Customized programs for individual and cross-functional teams.

Management & Supervisory Workshops

For employees new to supervisory roles or experienced managers in need of refresher training.

Leadership Development Programs

Custom developed to fit the culture, goals, and needs of both individual leaders and the organization's mission.

Training Program Design and Delivery

Address areas such as performance management, presentation skills, interview skills, and other skills-based needs.

Consultation and Design

Programs and Policies

Development and review of organization's HR policies, programs, and procedures.

Employee Value Proposition

Development of EVP. Advise on delivery mechanisms to address organization's employee engagement and recruitment/retention strategy.

Succession Planning Design

Customize a succession planning process and delivery mechanism.


Provide survey data, salary review, and benchmarking.

Regulatory Review and Process Enhancement

HR Operations

Assist HR and Finance teams understanding and mitigating process risk, analyzing workflow, and proactively addressing compliance and regulatory issues.