Westminster Workplace Solutions

Westminster Workplace Solutions is a fiduciary-based service that provides education and advice to participants of retirement plans. Westminster developed this program to comply with the newly enacted “Fiduciary Rule” and in response to clients’ request for independent and unconflicted advice for participants. Mathew Barber, AIF®, Senior Consultant has been appointed to lead this business unit and promote these fiduciary services.

The solution is designed to improve employees’ financial behavior and outcomes. The Westminster program can be customized to the companies’ and employees’ specific needs. A list of our services that we offer are listed below.

Our Services

Group Education Sessions

General information catered specifically to your populations needs.
Topics include but are not limited to: 529 Plans, Retirement reinvention, GenX, Social Security.

Enrollment & Engagement Meetings

Support with enrollment meetings and participant engagement initiatives to help raise awareness of plan benefits and the importance of plan participation.

Benefits Fairs

Participate in meetings with employees with the goal of educating participants and/ or prospective participants about the benefits available to them within their retirement plan.

Risk Tolerance Profiling

A personalized assessment of the employees tolerance for risk and volatility based upon the individuals timeframe, investment knowledge and tolerance for fluctuations in market returns.

Retirement Readiness Assessment and Advice

Employee is advised on where they currently stand based upon a number of variables, where they need to be to reasonably maintain the lifestyle that they are accustomed to and where they could be if they implement the proper savings and investing disciplines.